10 Most Brutal Punishments In Horror Video Games

Paying the ultimate price.

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What are horror video games if not intense, nerve-shredding experiences where the player is constantly on their toes wondering what they might encounter next?

And with players so often having the terrifying odds stacked against them, it follows that they can end up severely punished for their mistakes, whether taking too long to complete a task, trying to rush their way to the end, behaving selfishly, or allowing curiosity to get the better of them.

Smart developers are able to exploit this risk-reward aspect to keep players in a state of high-tension, never sure that they're safe, though there are certainly times where players might consider it "cheap" or even unfair.

And so, whether savagely gory or simply devastatingly cruel, these 10 horror game punishments all left players agape at the harsh brutality of it all, of unforgiving developers inflicting insane fates upon those who didn't do the "right" thing.

On occasion it was a punishment most definitely deserved, but for the most part, these games gave players one hell of a raw deal...

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