10 Most Controversial Video Game Moments Of 2019

No one does public mishaps like Blizzard.


In a year filled with phenomenal titles like Devil May Cry 5, Mortal Kombat 11 and Death Stranding, it's easy to forget how many majorly newsworthy moments happened alongside. Like the lootbox debacle that surrounded Battlefront 2's release in 2017, or Blizzard debuting Diablo on mobile to an audience of boos last year, 2019 might have had many recommendable highs, but the industry side of things was as tumultuous as ever.

Ranging from out-of-nowhere international incidents to Activision and EA still playing the villains, it's fascinating to see a larger-than-ever industry somewhat struggle with the amount of money and attention it's generating.

Established bankable formulas get cemented into annualised instalments, a heinous approach to post-launch microtransactions is just about the worst thing going, and somewhere in between is Bethesda having no idea what their fans want, or will pay for anymore.

This time next year we'll likely be sitting with PS5s and Xbox Scarletts under our collective TVs, but it makes you wonder whether gaming can go a full year without its biggest companies putting their feet in their mouths.

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