10 Most Devastating Doomsday Weapons In Video Game History


Modern Warfare Nuke

When it comes to video games, often reality is left very much at the door, and can only peer through the window at the over-the-top chaos ensuing inside.

Within these walls are weird and whacky scenarios that pull the shorts down on the laws of physics, that kick the concept of believability in the face, and who thoroughly torment the weighty drudgery of real life.

It's basically like a very unfair Fight Club.

And speaking of clubs, video games throw the rulebook out of the window when it comes to weapons, presenting players with pokers, prodders, and absolute piss-taking methods of dispatching your enemies.

There's always a more over-the-top weapon; always a more insane way to do away with hordes of goons, and of course, this doesn't stop when it comes to world-destroying doomsday weapons that bring the entire world to its knees.

So let's break down the greatest, most devastating - and sometimes so utterly outrageous - doomsday weapons that will leave you utterly bewildered and amazed in equal measure.

10. Archimedes II - Fallout: New Vegas

Modern Warfare Nuke

So I think it's safe to say that Archimedes, the Greek scholar of mathematics, physics, engineering, and astronomy (leave some for the rest of us mate) was a bit of a clever sort. In fact, his list of accomplishments are widely touted as being the backbone for many advancements in maths and science which is mighty impressive indeed.

Almost as impressive as his literal real-life heat ray.

That's right, the fella actually made a device that focused and bounced light through mirrors and lenses in such a manner that turned it into a heat ray, which he reportedly used on enemy ships.

This is something the makers of Fallout: New Vegas took and ran with when they created the Archemedis II - a doomsday weapon that uses solar power to charge a satellite to the point that it fires down a pillar of pure energy onto those below.

And of course, you can get your hands on this monster to deep fry anyone who dares question your new role as "GOD OF THE SUN". Seriously, this weapon is so utterly potent with raw energy that I'm getting sunburn just writing about it.


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