10 Most Embarrassing Product Placements In Video Games

9. Fight Night Round 3 Swears Loyalty To The King

Metal Gear Peace Walker Doritos
EA Sports

Sports, by their very nature, are advertising heavy. As such, you should expect to see familiar brand names in video game adaptations of them - after all, it would actually be a little immersion breaking if they weren’t there.

Boxing is no exception and, as such, Fight Night Round 3 contains nods to the usual affair of Under Armour and Everlast sporting goods. However, there are also a few more interesting choices like Dodge and big banners for Burger King, of all things. But that’s not remotely where it ends.

See, like many games of its ilk Fight Night has unlockable fighters but it also has an unlockable trainer who can follow you to the ring and give you advice between rounds. And that man? The King himself. No, not Elvis - the Burger King.

What makes this so weird is that there is literally nothing else like this in the game… or really in the series. The original Fight Night had miniature fighters and big head modes but, cute as they are, they’re a far cry from the absolute mind bending weirdness of seeing the terrifying grin of Mr Whopper himself trundling down to the ring.

There was also a Burger King Challenge to unlock him - which just stunk of a lazy paid off promotion that had been crowbar’d into the game.


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