10 Most Enormous Bosses In Video Games

The bigger they are...

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Some bosses are the toughest, some are the baddest, and some are the scariest, but what about the ones that are just really, really big?

They might be especially well-designed or incredibly hard to take on but today we’re firmly holding our focus on the sheer size of these baddies and I’ve gone for the biggest of the big. By the end of this list you’ll definitely be hoping that the old adage “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” holds water.


10. Adamantoise - Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Adamantoise
Square Enix

Final Fantasy has a lot of very large foes to sink your very large swords into, and up there with the biggest is the gigantic mountain slash tortoise, Adamantoise.

Final Fantasy XV’s Titan needs to get an honorable mention at the top here but Adamantoise is particularly impressive and squaring up against him is absolutely hilarious as you’re about a fifth the size of his eyeball.

Despite the fact that you’re pretty much a flea to this dude, there is a way to one shot him using the Ring of Lucii. But we’re not here to detract any points from the big stony boy just because you can get lucky and take him out easily. He’s still an absolute sight to behold and became infamous when the devs originally said he was going to take 72 hours to battle.

It ended up being significantly less than that, but not so much less that you’re not going to want to seriously consider using the bathroom first.

Adamantoise isn’t just an overly tall dude, he’s a freaking see-it-from-space landmark with over 5 million hit points. And if that doesn’t get our list off on the right foot I can’t think of anything else that would.

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