10 Most Epic Deaths In Video Game History

These characters went out with a bang.


Video game deaths can be immensely powerful moments. Characters might die in movies, but we've often only known them for an hour or so and had no direct interaction with them. In games, we can spend dozens of hours getting to know different characters, controlling their movements and building up bonds with them, only to have those connections crushed, sometimes in the most brutal and shocking of ways.

The word "epic" is thrown around a lot, and is often overused, especially among video game fans, but it is quite possibly the only suitable adjective to describe these iconic game deaths. These characters didn't just die, they went out in style.

Well-written death scenes can make or break the legacy of a character, but the writers of the video games in this list took the time to honour their characters with suitably memorable final moments.

Whether they simply died in a unique way or sacrificed their lives in a bid to save the world, these heroes and villains went out with a bang, not a whimper, and we'll never forget their fateful finales.


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