10 Most Epic Title Card Drops In Video Games

Red Dead Redemption's title card made history.

In the scheme of what makes up a video game our topic today is probably pretty far down the list. It’s not the story or the mechanics or even the characters, it’s just the humble title card drop.

Then again, a really cool title card drop can stick with you and really set the tone for the game to come, especially if it lives up to that initial impression. We’ve collected a bunch of truly epic title appearances in video games that impressed us not only in the moment but had us settling in a little further on our couches keen the the rest of the game to come. Be sure to let us know your favourites if we missed any great ones down in that comment box but for now let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit some phenomenal title screens.


10. Until Dawn

Supermassive’s cinematic horror masterpiece Until Dawn is a game that absolutely should have an epic title card drop and not to worry, it absolutely does.

The game kicks off with the group of teenagers getting cosy at their ominous cabin in the woods. Of course, teenagers are mean so right off the bat the majority of them turn on Hannah to pull a cruel trick where they get her to believe Mike is interested in her. The prank goes about as well as you’d expect, Hannah runs outside, pursued by her sister Beth. The game introduces you to its decision-making mechanics and quick-time events but no matter what you do the two girls end up tumbling off a precipice to their brutal respective deaths.

One short aside with the menacing narrator Dr. Hill later where you’re asked what things you find frightening and why, it’s now title card time.

The drop kicks off with the fantastic tone-setting track O’death as sung by Amy Van Roekel, the title fades in and out of view right before the melody becomes more menacing with plenty of foreshadowing and creepy imagery. The title sequence is really a masterwork in and of itself queueing up the fantastic game to come.


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