10 Most Epically Ludicrous Moments In Saints Row 4

Saints Row Iv J Saints Row 4 is out and like its predecessor it is well... bats*** insane and chock full of some of the most idiotically brilliant moments in gaming this year. I don't know how or where Volition brainstorm these ludicrous scenarios to drop the player in, just that there's no way of predicting what the hell is around the corner. Sometimes it's a total idiosyncratic song selection during an otherwise action packed moment, an unexpected homage to a classic game, person, film, or a gameplay mechanic nowhere near in line with what's transpiring in the story. With every Saints Row game we have come to love these moments and anxiously anticipate them. They are the defining moments of the absurdity Saints Row stands for, and these are the top 10 most epic moments in Saints Row 4. Before clicking Next, beware of major spoilers although that should be obvious.

Honorable Mention- Paul

Saints Row Etd Paul Tantrum 600x300 Paul is a towering can of carbonated soda carving a trail of Godzilla reminiscent destruction. He inevitably becomes a boss battle when you fight him by entering a towering statue of your own that comes to life. It's as bonkers as it sounds.
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