10 Most Essential PS4 Exclusives - Ranked

Are you still alive down there, Xbox?

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Going into its fourth year (yes, really), the PS4 has had one hell of a shaky life. Surviving and soaring off the back of Microsoft ruining the 360's momentum with one of the biggest clangers in gaming history, millions flocked to Camp Sony to feel the warm embrace of PlayStation branding. Voice-activated TV integration? Even in retrospect it sounds ridiculous, especially for a video game console.

It didn't even matter that there weren't any exclusives worth writing home about, or that those everybody did hoover up - Knack and The Order: 1886 - were forgettable toss. Consumers needed something good to come out of all this "next generation" marketing buzz, and Sony played their cards just right.

Across that barren, all-hope-is-lost release window, Sony started putting various plans into motion. They fired up the first-party ovens, helped out specific third-party studios to grant exclusivity, and come 2016, fans finally reaped the rewards of sticking around long enough to see all those projects bear fruit.

The PS4's catalogue easily, demonstrably, almost brutally destroys the Xbox One's, to the point where you really need to make a checklist of the following phenomenal titles, and make a point of playing through each one.

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