10 Most Exciting Things To Do In Cyberpunk 2077

Rich detail, huge replay-ability and captivating characters. December 10th can't come soon enough.

CD Projekt Red

Despite another delay, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is still only less than two months away. After seven years in development, it's time to build the hype even more and explore the most exciting things that players will be able to do upon its (potential) launch on 10 December.

Set in the dystopian future of 2077 America, players will create their character and enter the Night City, a world of crime, corruption and all the cybernetics implants you could want. Players will navigate through this open world, choosing their own distinct play-style, as they attempt to become legends of the future.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been developed by CD Projekt Red, the critically acclaimed Polish developers behind The Witcher series. With that much talent and quality going into this ambitious sci-fi role-playing game, it's easy to see why so much excitement has already built up.

Through game-play videos, trailers and even Twitter direct messages, CD Projekt Red has revealed a huge amount of details already.

From character creation to exploring Night City in all its glory, Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be the most exciting release in years. Here's what we're looking forward to most.


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