10 Most Exciting Upcoming PSVR Games

2019 will only make your investment more worthwhile.


2018 was secretly the year of virtual reality. More specifically, it was the year of PlayStation VR. With titles like Moss, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Firewall: Zero Hour, and Borderlands 2, PlayStation VR saw the release of some incredible games that proved it is evolving and growing into a must-own device.

2019 looks set to be another fantastic year for the medium. We already know of some very exciting VR titles that you'll bear witness to in the next few minutes, but the really exciting thing is that VR is like the indie space - where games get announced and released in a short window, so we probably don't even know the majority of titles releasing this year.

PSVR in 2019 will consist of immersive AAA games, cute and charming 3rd-person indie titles, throw-your-Move-at-a-wall horror titles, and even a game where you just go on vacation.

There are plenty reasons to be excited for the future of virtual reality, and with Sony investing a ton of time, money and effort into making sure the PSVR is the go-to platform for VR, its future is very bright indeed.


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.