10 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments Of All Time

Dammit, Natalya, stop running straight into enemies!

Goldeneye 007 Natalya

Video games offer beautiful, brilliant moments of escapism, giving players a power fantasy where they can be towering space marines kicking ass and taking names, or adventurers uncovering uncharted lands while saving the day.

But they can also provide punishing, crushing reality checks where you want to do nothing more than turn the console off and go outside for a breather.

After all, there's a reason why the term "rage quit" has become synonymous with the medium, as there's plenty of amazing releases that pride themselves on being difficult challenges that players have to overcome if they want to see the credits roll. And that's what separates the medium from the likes of TV and film: there's a sense of reward that comes with beating a game, the satisfaction of adapting to breeze through a section you once found punishing.

Sometimes though, a video game will throw you a challenge that is absolutely not earned. They'll hit you with a frustrating roadblock that - whether it's because of the controls or the introduction of a brand new set of mechanics - can appear impossible, and nothing more than a sick joke on behalf of the developers. Even as games develop, they've never been able to eliminate this completely, and all we can do is complain about them in lists like this.

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