10 Most Gratuitously OTT Torture Scenes In Video Games

8. Battlefield 4's Electrocution Torture

Despite not being visually different from your textbook torture scene - with one guy being strapped to a chair while a group of interrogators beat the absolute crap out of them - it's the soundtrack and over-the-top performances that elevate Battlefield 4's depiction of torture to another level.

The screeching of the soundtrack is enough to make you genuinely uncomfortable, while the constant shouting only adds to the deafening nature of the scene. It just keeps getting more intense the longer it goes on too, with the interrogators moving from your squadmate back to you, taking turns electrocuting and beating you both as the score of the scene keeps rising to a fever pitch.

It's often difficult to make electrocutions looks painful, but boy did DICE manage to pull it off in Battlefield 4.

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