10 Most Hated Enemy Types In Gaming

From instant-killers to invincible bosses.

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Without enemies littering players' screens, video games would be pretty boring. Having been a staple part of gaming right since its arcade inceptions, enemies have continued to evolve throughout the years to present different challenges for players and help keep things interesting.

However, knowing how difficult these enemies should be to take down has continued to be an impossible conundrum for developers to work out.

In an ideal world, every video game enemy should be on an equal footing with a player, possessing unique strengths and weaknesses that rewards those better at understanding and playing, whilst punishing those that aren't.

There should be a satisfaction in overcoming a tricky enemy type or boss, but require a blood sacrifice courtesy of a player's thumbs to get there.

Sadly however, this isn't always the case with developers, which has led to some types of enemies that are either too difficult, broken or downright infuriating to contend with worming their way into games over the years.

With that in mind, here are the most hated enemy types in gaming.

10. Poison-Spewers

dark souls basilisk

Every gamer will have encountered a poison mechanic in their time.

Usually reserved for tricky-to-navigate areas, poison will continually deal damage to a player and can be one of the most infuriating ways of dying. Damage dealt over time is one of the most infuriating in gaming, with the constant ticking down on the health bar potentially making players flustered under the pressure to get back onto safety.

So, enemies that spit out a constant stream of this damage-inflicting poison are, therefore, always going to be infuriating to deal with.

Typically, these poison-spewing baddies can generally be split into two different categories: those who use poison as a projectile, and those that leave small pools around them. The Projectile types earn a spot in this list on the back of being able to a.) keep inflicting the damage from afar, and b.) usually deal more damage than the average melee enemy types on account of the damage over time mechanic.

The poison spewers that leave poison pools around the game are different but have their own set of features that make them an absolute nightmare to contend with. The area of effect factor these poison pools can bring with them end up making the entire environment a hazard, and can be one of the few enemy types that can kill players even from beyond the grave.

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