10 Most Haunting Video Game Collectibles

Severed heads, haunted dolls and chilling recordings.

Amnesia dark descent
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Collectibles in video games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From classic power-ups like Mushrooms and Fire Flowers in Super Mario to having the latest Team of the Seasons in Fifa Ultimate Team, these items have proven to be things that players just love to hoover up during a playthrough.

These collectibles can help make passing through the game easier, provide more lore and background to the world around players, or simply just make them look cooler than anyone else on the screen.

However, sometimes, developers decide to throw in some collectibles that some players might have wished they'd left on the floor.

There have been numerous examples over the years of games chucking items that hurt or hinder a player, require some serious sacrifices to pick up and use, or come with such a disturbing backstory that the appeal is firmly scraped off.

With all of that in mind, these haunting video game collectibles might be better off avoided in your next playthrough.

10. Habd's Remains - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Amnesia dark descent

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game home to several disturbing questlines, most of which come with their own set of unique items and rewards. From cannibalism to Ripper-esque serial killers, there's plenty of darkness in the home of the Nords.

However, arguably the most chilling item in the game comes from a side mission players will start when they discover Frostflow Lighthouse. Right from the off, players will work their way through a gruesome crime scene of a family being ambushed by Falmer and Chaurus (the two most disgusting enemies in the game) who have burrowed underneath their home.

As players make their way through the lighthouse, they will uncover journal records from the family's patriarch, Habd.

Players will learn that Habd battled his way down into the Falmer tunnels, only to see all of his family dying before being eaten by a huge Chaurus Reaper. Completing the dungeon and killing the Reaper will see players pick up a bloodied skull known as 'Habd's Remains'.

It's one of the most chilling locations Bethesda have ever conjured up, and culminates with an item that is just as haunting as it is emotional to pick up.


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