10 Most Hotly-Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games

It's not all about Zelda and Mario.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Let’s be honest, as good as the Wii U was, it was a bit of a failure. It brought some nice ideas to the table, but the mixture of a poor marketing campaign and a lack of big game releases never gave it the boost that it needed to really make a lasting impression.

This year - or in March, to be specific - Nintendo will release a brand new home console/handheld hybrid which will attempt to right the wrongs of the Wii U, providing a host of new experiences not previously available.

There aren’t a whole lot of games coming out at launch, but there are some really exciting titles releasing throughout this year and the next. We’re going to take a look at some of the most anticipated games set to release on the Switch. There are plenty more that aren’t mentioned here, but these are the real cream of the crop.

10. 1-2 Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo generally always release a collection of mini-games with a brand new console, and the launch of the Switch is no different. Whilst it might be a bit of a tech demo, 1-2 Switch does look like an awful lot of fun.

The whole premise of the game seems a little odd at first, a game that encourages you to look away from the screen and at the other player. Actual human interaction might seem a little wild, but this really could be the perfect ice breaker at parties or other social gatherings.

It’s a collection of little games that make use of a single Joy Con controller. The trailer reveals gun-slinging, spell-flinging, sword fighting and more. The game also seems set to make use of the new HD Rumble feature. Exactly how isn’t entirely clear, but it’s pretty easy to take a few guesses based on each of the mini-games included.


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