10 Most Hyped Video Game Moments That Were Massive Disappointments

How do you mess up pulling a Star Destroyer out the sky?!

star wars force unleashed

It must be a bizarrely distancing experience, putting together trailers for video games, movies and TV shows. The mandate is always, "Get as many eyes on this as possible", which in the world of film, results in an entire flick being butchered, its most spoilerific scenes being trotted out as final product be damned, once you've plonked down your cash, the 'film experience' literally does not matter anymore.

For gaming it's mostly the same, although there's a key difference when jumping from film to video games - your biggest selling points i.e. the actual gameplay and feel of a title, has to be fantastic, or the whole thing falls apart in the long run. You can't fake good gameplay either, can't manufacture solid mechanics or satisfaction. A movie can have bad scenes or acting, but it'll still continue towards an endpoint - in gaming, if the actual feel of something isn't quite right, people won't even reach the credits.

As a result, you'll occasionally see companies hang their products on one specific scene or gameplay mechanic, the impetus being to play through no matter what, hoping that when you do so, getting to control such a moment will make for The Greatest Thing Ever.

That's not always the case though, as the following games more than made clear...

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