10 Most Iconic Hats In Gaming History

There is nothing more stylish than a fancy hat, as these gaming icons know...

Mortal Kombat 11

When we think back on our favourite games and the things that made them great, we think of the destruction we caused with our preferred weapon, the fun we had running around with a special power-up, or the worlds we escaped to thanks to brilliant level design.

One thing that doesn’t get enough credit is all the fancy hats we wear.

When you think about it, headwear has played a major part in gaming history, ever since developers thought hair would be too difficult to animate on Jumpman.

As well as playing a visual role in creating a characters signature look, we have used masks for disguises, helmets to protect our bounce from a battering, and pried fancy headpieces from dead bodies because we think they will look nice with our new shows.

Before we look at this list of iconic hats we need some rules, as this is serious business. Only one piece of headwear from a franchise is allowed. We are also excluding glasses and goggles, otherwise, we will be here all week looking at the subtle nuances between Duke Nukem and Serious Sam's shades. So let's put on our thinking caps (can't do a list about hats with saying "thinking caps" at least once) and try to work out which noggin' cover is gamings most iconic!

10. Pokemon Trainer Cap (Pokemon Series)

Mortal Kombat 11

To be a master (Pokémon master) you need to look the part, and a key ingredient to any signature style for someone who wants to collect small creatures and make them rough house each other for fortune and glory is the Pokemon trainer cap!

The most famous cap of all is probably Ash Ketchum's Indigo league cap. It's the spicey little red and white number he wore in the first animated series with a green L on it.

Apparently, Ash acquired the garment by sending off 100's of postcards, but throughout the years, games and TV shows the hats have evolved in looks and function.

One thing that remains is Ash’s signature move of flipping that bad boy back to front when things get intense, not unlike Sylvester Stallone in his hit “it’s Rocky but with arm wrestling” movie Over The Top.

One of the few hats on this list you can wear in public and not have people call the police on you. Unless you're gathering animals to face each other in Mortal Kombat. Don’t do that, you weird little Shang Tsung.


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