10 Most Iconic Levels In Video Game History

The ones you'd recognise in a heartbeat.

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In an age where the open world rules all, a humble "level" is occasionally seen as outdated, or something resigned to the indie market.

And yet, these are the things that made us fall in love with gaming; the crafted, more designed elements of titles and worlds that give developers far more control over what you'll see, and when you'll see it..

Because for as much as dynamic interactions, freeform A.I. scripts and experimental game mechanics can give you memories for life across 100 hours in an open plan setting, I've found the most loveable moments in gaming history come from levels.

Iconic colour sets, weaponry you only get access to for a limited amount of time, companions joining up or maybe a vehicle you can pilot for the duration of an enemy gauntlet - I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the influx of "wide linear" design and open-world environments, but as you'll see reading through these selections, well made levels are just the best.

Let me know what you think is the most iconic level in gaming history down in the comments below. There are certainly plenty to choose from.

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