10 Most Important Video Games In History

It's Gaming History 101, and class is in session.


Gaming as a medium is still incredibly young, as compared to things like television and movies, it just hasn't been around as long.

However, video games as we know them have been around for over 50 years now, with us currently being in the sixth decade of gaming.

Even by comparison to other media, games have had a lot of ups and downs in the industry, and have changed pop culture as we know it. Games have even affected the world outside of the industry as well, as games have ended up in courtrooms, political hearings, and protests by the general public.

With all the history we have regarding games, and with all the titles that came out since its inception, it can be a bit of challenge to pick which ones are the most important of the bunch. However, some titles are so iconic, so revolutionary, and so influential that they can't help but stand out.

From changing the industry to interacting with the world, without these games, who knows what the gaming landscape would look like today.

10. Pong


Alright, we all knew this game would be on the list, so let's get right to it.

Pong for the Atari is one of the first video games ever. Released in 1972, it was just a table tennis simulator, but the idea of being able to plug something into your TV and being able to personally control it was a brand new experience. It was mind-blowing, a complete game changer, and it was just two moving bars, a round speck, a dotted line, and a score at the top.

Pong was incredibly commercially successful, spawning a bunch of sequels and incredibly similar games. Pong made Atari and others realize that hey, this video game thing could actually work. Eventually, they decided to create things different from Pong, and the rest is history.

Eventually, Pong was entered into the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. to be properly recognized as the father of all video games.

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