10 Most Insane Video Game Leaks Ever

Nothing is sacred.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Leak
Square Enix & Kotaku

Though the video game industry is a good deal more water-tight than film, TV, or music - what with most of the heavy lifting being done on computers behind closed doors - rarely do we go more than a few days without a compelling leak about an upcoming video game.

Developers and publishers naturally hate it, of course, feeling that they've been robbed of the opportunity to unveil their project in the way they intended, with scoopsters such as Kotaku routinely posting exclusive blowouts for unreleased games.

But at this point, leaks just feel like standard operating procedure, and it's rare that one is so comprehensive, and obtained in such a startling way, that it actually leaves people shook.

Yet that's certainly the case with these 10 legendary leaks, all of which came from most unexpected sources and blew the lid off some of the most top secret games in development from the last decade.

If you were following these leaks as they unfolded online, as everyone scrambled to make sense of what they were seeing, you'll likely never forget it...


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