10 Most Insane Video Game Leaks Ever

10. Halo 4's First Gameplay Was Leaked From A Barn

Halo 4
Microsoft Game Studios

The first rule of video game leaks is that the lower the quality of the image, the more likely it is to be doctored, and so when this leak of apparent Halo 4 multiplayer footage made its way online, most immediately rubbished it.

As much a surreal art project as it was a leak, the 11-minute video showed someone playing a VHS recording of what appeared to be Halo 4 online multiplayer.

And because taping it into a VHS wasn't weird enough, it was also displayed on a CRT television...in the confines of a barn.

Between this and the ear drum-destroyingly loud music included in the clip, even major news outlets weren't sure whether they were looking at a bizarre troll or a genuine leak.

Microsoft quickly issued a statement confirming that they were indeed carrying out an internal multiplayer beta for the game, seeming to corroborate the validity of the leak.

With Halo 4 then being prominently featured at E3 2012 a week later, one of the bats**t craziest leaks in video game history was confirmed.

And given that the leaker was never caught, clearly their extreme measures for protecting their identity paid off.


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