10 Most Insanely Elaborate Video Game Easter Eggs

1. A Phone Number That Triggers Random Explosions - Grand Theft Auto V

Gta V Trevor 2

Perhaps even more of a baffling mystery than the Rebecca photo is the random phone number in Grand Theft Auto V which will trigger equally random explosions.

A few years after GTA V's original release, Twitter user @KarmaIngram1 discovered that dialling the number "19993673767" will connect you to a contact called "Black Telephones," which within two seconds will trigger an explosion in the sky.

Oh, and calling this number will also change the size and appearance of your phone, for some reason.

Almost four years on from when the Easter egg was first uncovered, we still have no earthly idea why Rockstar decided to include it - or how the hell someone found it in the first place.

Fans have speculated that it may have originally been part of some planned DLC or might relate to the game's infamous Mount Chiliad mystery, but more than six years after GTA V hit stores, we're all still none the wiser.


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