10 Most Likely Lego Games We Need To See

LEGO Fast & Furious let's go.

Fast and the furious lego

When thinking about the next Lego game it's easy to get too excited and start making crazy predictions. As much as we all want a Lego Breaking Bad it’s unfortunately never going to happen.

So what will be the next movie franchise to be turned into bricks?

Well, I’m not from the future so I can’t say for certain but luckily Lego is actually pretty predictable so we can make some educated guesses.

If a movie franchise follows these rules then you'll likely see a playable brickified version of it eventually.

The movies can be watched by kids. At most a property can be a 12 / PG-13. If kids can’t watch the franchise it’s not getting the Lego treatment.

The franchise is popular and a new film in the series is coming out soon. Surprisingly the developers actually want to make money off their games. Shocking, I know.

Finally, most scenes in the films need to contain at least two characters who would be fun to play as.

So let's make some predictions. If at least a couple of these games don't come out in the next five years I'll step on some Lego barefoot, you can quote me on that.

10. Lego Marvel: The Infinity Saga

Fast and the furious lego
Marvel Studios

With the upcoming Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga it appears that TT Games are willing to readapt properties that they've already turned into Lego games and make longer experiences that cover more movies.

Because of this, the entire MCU Infinity Saga which covers Iron Man to Spider-Man: Far From Home would be perfect for a Lego game even if Lego Marvel’s Avengers already exists.

There are 23 films to adapt though so not every film could get the full five to six level treatment. If they were to adapt the first three MCU phases in their entirety it's likely that the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy films will get the most love whilst every other film will have to deal with one or two levels each.

Of course, another way for them to do it would be to make multiple games.

Whichever way they end up adapting the Marvel Cinematic Universe expect something in the future. The MCU is the biggest movie franchise of all time and Lego has a good relationship with Marvel; it's only a matter of time before they take a proper shot at the entire Infinity Saga.


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