10 Most Memorable GTA Missions: Ranked Worst To Best

Assassinations, bank robberies gone wrong... and tiny toy helicopters.


The Grand Theft Auto series may mostly be known as the open world game were you can do any horrible thing that comes to mind, but anyone who has bothered to play through the story knows most of its content is composed of missions that actually move the plot forward.

These missions can vary from a simple assassination attempt or car chase to elaborate action sequences full of insane stunts and an ever increasing body count. And over the years, as the franchise has continued to greater levels of popularity and success, some of these missions have become synonymous with the brand; seared into the minds of those who played them.

Sometimes it's because a mission is so enjoyable you can't forget it, whilst other times it'll linger in the memory out of sheer frustration.

Such missions constitute a library of the franchise's most iconic and memorable moments; the ones that immediately come to mind when you think "Grand Theft Auto." While there are plenty to chose from, I've whittled them down to 10.

Whether brilliant or just plain annoying, these are some of the most unforgettable, recognizable, and iconic missions of the Grand Theft Auto series.


10. Demolition Man - GTA: Vice City

gta vice city demolition man

The Grand Theft Auto series is infamous for having touchy flight controls that take a while getting used to, and part of this reputation can be attributed to the mission Demolition Man in Vice City, which has Tommy using a tiny RC helicopter to plant bombs inside a building to destroy it.

This is easier said than done. Not only do you spend much of the time keeping the helicopter airborne, but you also have to contend with security and armed construction workers shooting at it the entire time. Then you have to make sure you drop the bombs precisely in the right locations; if you miss you have to grab another bomb and start over.

It's...frustrating, to say the least, and much like many of Grand Theft Auto's most reputable missions, that's exactly why it's hard to forget. It's a huge relief when it's over, and you'll probably never voluntarily play it again.

This is a mission that leaves a huge impression - just for all the wrong reasons.


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