10 Most Overlooked PS4 Gems Of 2017 (So Far)

10. Night In The Woods

Night in the woods
Infinite Fall

Bringing together the most endearing parts of an art-heavy Double Fine game with Oxenfree's character-focused script, Night in the Woods is just as much an exploration of what it means to return home after departing for college, as it is an effective thriller romp.

With a visual direction that magically keeps you on edge just as much as drawing you in, you'll go to some deliciously dark spots when it comes to unravelling the town's various secrets, finding out where a certain missing person has ended up, and seeing what's happened to your former friends while you were away. It's this duality that really lets Night at the Woods feel familiarly nostalgic and yet wholly original, with gameplay comprising a whole lot of running, jumping and talking.

Still, that's precisely what makes Night in the Woods so enrapturing. You know precisely how to progress to the next beat of the story, and when the full picture makes itself known, this is one of the best written games of the generation.

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