10 Most Paused Video Game Moments Ever

From terrifying jump-scares to cameos that made you go "Wait, WHAT?!"

Duke Nukem 3D
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Unlike movies and TV shows, video games put players directly in control of the action, meaning that unless there's a scripted cutscene or cinematic, you can spend as long as you want milling about and inspecting even the smallest, inconsequential details in the world.

However, there are some moments - which either pop up briefly or are stumbled across randomly - that stop you in your tracks, demanding closer inspection.

They're rare instances that'll have you going back and trying to pause the game at the right time (whether that's by literally hitting the pause button, standing still, or freeze-framing the TV) just to make sure you capture the scene in a way that lets you properly take everything in.

And no, that doesn't just refer to the time you hit pause at the right camera angle in Lollipop Chainsaw and hoped to God your parents didn't walk at the same time...

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