10 Most Popular Street Fighter Characters

Will your favourite 'World Warrior' make the cut?

Street Fighter gang

Street Fighter is quite possibly the most important franchise in the fighting game genre. 1987’s Street Fighter saw success domestically, but that was nothing compared to 1991's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. A worldwide phenomenon, the sequel brought the concept of competitive multiplayer to arcades around the world, something which has become a staple of the genre to this day.

With the addition of this multiplayer aspect to the franchise came the inclusion of multiple new characters with unique playstyles and personalities. The ever growing diversity between the cast helps each game have a character who appeals to everyone. But as with any community, certain characters become more popular than their counterparts.

There is a lot to consider when determining this. Some fans love characters simply based on appearance and presentation. Some fans value the competitive presence of a character and how strong they are based on the game's mechanics. Others become invested in the lore and backstory of a character, sticking by the one they are emotionally invested in. With nearly 80 different playable fighters to choose between over the various games, which ones stand atop the pile as the most beloved?

10. Juri Han

Street Fighter gang

First Appearance: Super Street Fighter IV

Juri Han is a Korean Taekwondo master who originally made her debut in the second release of Street Fighter IV. She also reappeared in the first DLC season for Street Fighter V. While a more recent character, she has still become a very popular addition to Street Fighter’s cast.

The daughter of a lawyer, Juri ended up losing both her parents and her left eye to Shadaloo. Joining Shadaloo’s weapons division, S.I.N., Juri eventually gets her eye replaced with a ‘Feng Shui Engine’, which allows her to gain immense speed and strength during combat.

As a member of S.I.N., she was tasked with capturing M. Bison’s Dolls. During this mission she clashes with both Chun-Li and Cammy White, becoming rivals with the pair. More recently, in Street Fighter V, she is seen teaming up with the Illuminati, as well as Decapre and her rival Cammy, to take down Shadaloo.

Female villains in media are often popular characters, and Juri was the first playable female villain at the time of her release in the Street Fighter IV series. Her sadistic nature and brutal fighting techniques certainly help boost her popularity with fans. Juri was also a strong competitive character in Ultra Street Fighter IV, being in the top ten of most competitive tier lists.


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