10 Most Popular Video Game Consoles Of The Last 10 Years - Ranked

Does the PS4's popularity translate into genuine quality?

Video Game Consoles

Though we might currently be experiencing one of the finest years in gaming history, it's worth remembering just how far consoles and technology have come. The very fact you're able to experience something like the magnificent world of Horizon Zero Dawn or the luscious Hyrulean fields of Breath of the Wild on the go is testament to the hardworking coders and technicians that assemble our favourite gaming machines in the first place.

Over time - and especially recently - we've seen a push from the likes of Sony and Microsoft to embrace a far more 'PC-like' mentality, the iterative PS4 Pro and Xbox One X being received positively enough, but they're a far cry away from when we first saw the PS2 running Tekken Tag Tournament, the 360 showcasing Gears of War or something like The Witcher 3 on PS4.

Indeed, the games industry has always championed bleeding edge technology to bring its respective worlds to life, though across the last 10 years, we've seen some of the most powerful pieces of hardware to date.

From perfecting facial rendering and environment design to motion controls, VR and especially seamless online gaming, we've grown attached to all manner of systems over the years, but which are the best?

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