10 Most Powerful Artefacts Lara Croft Has Ever Found

9. Wei Mirror

Tomb Raider Mjolnir
Dark Horse Comics

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In the 2016 Dark Horse comic series, which serves as a companion to fill the gaps between the reboot trilogy games, Lara discovers that the events on Yamatai aren’t over. After the attempted resurrection of the Sun Queen, Himiko, it is revealed that something went right and Lara’s friend, Sam, is possessed by the evil queen.

As Lara fights to rescue her friend from the clutches of the dark spirit, she discovers that historically Himiko would use a Wei Mirror to suck out and trap the soul of the victim who looked into it. She would eventually use this information to defeat the Sun Queen and save Sam.

The Wei Mirror is based on a real artefact in history. Some say it was sent to China from the real life Himiko and others say it was sent as a gift from China to Himiko. Another interesting thing to note is that the mirror, which resides in Luoyang museum, has to face backwards. Ancient Chinese tradition dictates that the face of the mirror can't be seen. Perhaps because it would steal the onlooker's soul?

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