10 Most Powerful Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters (In Terms Of Attack)

The cards that make the "virtually invincible" Blue Eyes White Dragon look like a joke.


While ATK isn't everything in Yu-Gi-Oh! - especially in a metagame that prioritises swarming, field-levelling and hand traps - back in the early days of the game, the player who summoned the most powerful card first was more often than not guaranteed a win. With very little in terms of decent back-row support, a Blue Eyes White Dragon was almost enough to end a game, the "legendary dragon"'s ferocious attack annihilating the opponent's Level 4, circa 1400 ATK, Monsters with ease.

Of course, Yu-Gi-Oh! has come a long way since sheer power hit the 3000 ATK ceiling, with too many Monsters with 5000 ATK to list here. Moreover, a number of Monsters with "?" as their printed ATK are often able to hit the field with much more power to boot, and while a number of these ? ATK Monsters rarely accumulate enough power to face off against a Blue Eyes, those included here are real powerhouses which are almost impossible to defeat without the help of a well-timed Trap.

And while there are more ways to clear the field than every before, there are few things more intimidating than a Monster with enough ATK to take out your Life Points in one fell swoop.

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