10 Most Ridiculous Video Game Weapons

When you can code ANYTHING into existence, the results are... memorable.

dead rising 3 super massager

When you look out across all of the military shooters and sterile sci-fi action games of today, don’t you ever get the feeling that you’ve seen all these guns and swords before?

This generation more than any other we've had loot systems left, right and centre, and that means thousands of identikit weapons need designing - just so we can throw away 99% of them over time. They all have the same regulated designs and fire conventional ammo, and it’s all a bit... boring.

So let’s mix things up a notch and showcase some examples of weapons that were born out of the minds of madness, or by developers who just wanted to have a few laughs.

After all, video games are meant to be fun, and if you find yourself wielding any of these nasty delights, then you’re sure to be doing so with a stupid smile over your face.


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