10 Most Sacrilegious Video Game Moments

9. Sonic Kisses A Woman - Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Metroid Other M Samus

As much as the Internet has proven the existence of every kink imaginable, most Sonic the Hedgehog fans were happy regarding the platforming icon as a sexless thing, or at least a creature who simply played within his own species.

But 2006's generally terrible botched reboot of the Sonic franchise features an infamous, brand-derailing scene in which, after being mortally wounded, Sonic is brought back to life with the help of a passionate smooth from the totally human Princess Elise the Third.

It's the moment which caused global cringing among the fanbase on a tectonic scale, and confirmed that Sonic Team had no compelling ideas left for course-correcting the series.

If there's anything Sonic doesn't need, it's romance, and it definitely doesn't need romance with a member of another species. Eww.


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