10 Most Shameful Video Game Releases Of All Time

How did they mess up this bad?

Call of duty modern warfare 3

The importance of first impressions cannot be stressed enough in the gaming industry. It is imperative that every first-person shooter, role-player, or beat 'em up has ironed out every concern before consumers get their hands on them.

Of course, this doesn't always go to plan. Due to poor working arrangements, mismanagement, and rushed deadlines, the most hyped titles can suffer a disastrous debut.

Sometimes, the launch is an unmitigated catastrophe, simply because the game flat-out stinks. Other times, it's a total failure, regardless of the product's quality. If a game requires a ton of storage space, has poor optimisation, or relies on micro-transactions, it can garner a bad reputation, even if the property itself is top-notch. Like a bad apple rotting the barrel, one shoddy port of a great game can leave its reputation in shambles.

Despite the fact some infamous games remedied their problems through patches and re-releases, they never managed to recover from their abysmal debut.

Even though each entry on this list had widely different issues, they all share one common trait - none of them were ready upon their initial release.

10. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1

Call of duty modern warfare 3

For its 35-year anniversary, Konami decided to release a remastered port of the Metal Gear Solid series on all modern consoles. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 consists of Metal Gear 1 + 2, Snake's Revenge, as well as the first three MGS instalments.

Though these classic games still stand the test of time, the way they are presented in this compilation is god-awful. Even though the old-school titles are on the disc/cartridge, their 3D counterparts need to be downloaded. Konami expects consumers to fork over £40 on this collection, despite the fact it doesn't contain half the games advertised on it!

Now, there are some who might think this isn't a big deal. All you have to do is download them, right? Yep, but the MGS titles take up a whopping 30GB. How could a basic port of 20-year-old games take up so much space?

That's not even getting into the complaints of issues with frame-rates, aspect ratios and performance woes that shoud've been ironed out in the lead-up to release.

Based on how badly Konami fumbled an assortment of their most beloved property, skepticism is sky-high for Master Collection Vol. 2.


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