10 Most Shocking E3 Reveals EVER

Sony blew everyone away with the Year of Dreams in 2015.

E3 peter moore

E3 2021 is very nearly upon us, and after last year's show was cancelled for obvious reasons, expectations are high that this year's event will manage to breathe some life back into the ailing corporate showcase.

By far the most exciting thing about any E3 is experiencing a stunning megaton reveal live, where a dream game finally gets confirmed for release with a glossy teaser trailer.

Whether the game ultimately lives up to expectations or not, there's little matching the giddy joy of that initial reveal.

Since its inaugural event in 1995, E3 has played host to some of the gaming industry's most jaw-dropping and unexpected reveals, from incredible teaser trailers where players literally couldn't believe what they were seeing, to infamously calamitous pricing announcements, and even a most bodacious celebrity appearance or two.

These are the mesmerising reveals that come only every so often, and ensure that everyone online is left utterly speechless at what they're seeing, for better or worse.

If you saw these announcements as they happened, you'll probably never forget them. Fingers crossed that this year's show has at least one or two all-timer E3 mic-drop moments...

10. Keanu Reeves Is In Cyberpunk 2077 (E3 2019)

E3 peter moore
CD Projekt RED

Celebrity appearances at E3 have a tendency to be ultra-cringe-worthy, though Keanu Reeves' surprise presence at Microsoft's 2019 conference was the exact opposite of that.

After a glossy new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 revealed that the actor would be starring in the game, the Matrix and John Wick star hit the show floor to greet the audience.

Unsurprisingly the crowd response was rapturous, aided by Reeves' sheer magnetism and the instantly iconic utterance of "You're breathtaking!" to an overzealous crowd member.

The fact that Reeves' involvement with the game was kept so thoroughly under wraps only made his appearance at the show that much more flabbergasting.

That he seemed genuinely excited about the game - rather than another clueless celeb just collecting a paycheck - made it all the better.

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