10 Most Shocking Gaming Betrayals

9. Citra - Far Cry 3

Roy Earle LA Noire

Conventional wisdom dictates that if you’re consistently being drugged and going on trippy, murderous adventures, you’re either playing a Far Cry game, or could do with finding some better friends.

But despite spending pretty much the entirety of Far Cry 3 getting spiked, thrown off cliffs, and betrayed by the people you thought were your allies, it was still a shocker to be so royally shafted by Citra, the frankly psychotic leader of the game's Rakyat tribe.

After burning down the benevolent Dr Earnhardt’s house and capturing protagonist Jason Brody’s friends, Citra delivers a brutal conundrum.

It turns out her affections for Jason – an intensely unlikable and blatantly murderous dude-bro – have led her to believe he is a mystical Rakyat warrior destined to save the Rook Islands. She gives him a choice: he can either kill his girlfriend, or he can be banished from the island he just spent 60+ hours climbing watch towers in order to save.

The first choice leads to a sexual encounter with Citra, after which she stabs Jason. The second choice (the one that actually makes sense) results in Jason leaving the island, feeling pretty darn sorry about the mess he caused.

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