10 Most Sickening Things You Did In The Sims

8. Killed Anyone Who Stopped Dancing At Your Party

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If there's one thing we know about The Sims is that those adorable little suckers love to dance. You could stroll up to someone, greet them, pop a sweet dance move and within seconds you've got a friend for life.

This Sims player, however, took The Sims' love for dance and turned it into a twisted game for their own pleasure.

Innocently enough, the player invited all of his friends over to his house for an evening of dancing. He spruced the living room up with a disco ball, a light up floor and the most expensive sound system available. But, little did they know, they had entered a dance contest where only one would leave alive.

There were three rules to this game:

1) You stop dancing - you die.

2) You put out a fire - you die.

3) Last one standing - lives.

The player then went about setting fires in every corner of his living room banishing those who tried to extinguish it into a room with no windows or doors until they starved to death. Others died due to exhaustion until just one Sim was left; dancing their little heart out in a room covered in ash, piss and silly string.

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