10 Most Sickening Things You Did In The Sims

9. Impregnating The Town (Sleeping With The Next Generation Too)

the sims

This Sims player ditched the idea of the perfect life and decided to see what life would be like in the darkest timeline and so, he split up from his wife, sold the house and alienated himself from his family in order to follow his dream of seducing and impregnating every single female Sim he came in contact with.

What followed is something straight out of a sex cult film.

He built two houses: one to invite his lady friends back to, and the other, for lack of a better phrase, to store them whilst they were carrying his children. What followed was an extremely watchable version of The Real Housewives as these hormonal, pregnant Sims fought, bickered and argued until their children were born.

40 children later and there was still no signs of slowing down until one day, for some reason, this bachelor couldn't seal the deal with a young lady. Had he lost his mojo after all those years? No. It was his one of his many daughters whom he had never met and the game wouldn't allow him to take the relationship any further romantically.

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