10 Most Stylish Video Games Of The Last 10 Years

Tell a story and look good doing it, what's not to love?

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Over the years, especially with the next generation of consoles and graphics cards on the way, developers are striving for "the best looking game ever". To be fair, we've had some corkers in recent years, too.

Just look at The Last of Us Part 2, Marvel's Spider-Man or Resident Evil 2's remake (to stop the PS4 bias) for graphical fidelity. But just because they push boundaries for graphics, doesn't always make them the most stylish out there.

Not when an indie developer can make even the depths of Hell look beautiful. Certainly not when an auteur director can make a fictionally desolate America beautiful to just walk through. You may think that pixelated hyper-violence or sword fights look basic, but you'd be very wrong.

It's about the style in which battling your way through mobs or saving a dying planet can captivate us more than some wonderfully rendered horse junk (yeah, cheers for that Rockstar). It's about how a series, renowned for its sea-bed shenanigans, can captivate us by putting our heads in the clouds for its next game. It doesn't have to push capabilities to be great, just pull off that beautiful aesthetic instead.

So put aside your console wars and your 4K/120fps boasts; let's instead come together and appreciate ten of the most stylish games out there to ever grace our eyeballs and ear holes.

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