10 Most Twisted Video Game Characters Ever

The best of the worst.

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Although everyone loves to play a wholesome game like Animal Crossing, there's nothing quite like that one game that features truly messed up characters. After all, it's easy to create a moralistically pure hero - but it's far, far harder to create one that's uniquely twisted.

Mercifully, many developers are more than up to the challenge, creating figures that will leave you thinking about them in a cold sweat, years from when you first saw them. And yet, you're still tempted to replay the games they feature in, seemingly just to spite yourself.

While the vast majority of these nightmare children are horror villains, disturbing video game characters aren't limited to that genre whatsoever. Even fighting games have seen their fair share of unsettling and inane individuals every now and then.

From a serial killer pig to an evil ghost child, there is truly no limit to how depraved some creators are willing to let their characters be - and we can only applaud them for being both daring, and nefariously creative.

Well, applaud... and fear, in equal measure.

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