10 Most Twisted Video Game Characters Ever

8. Dylan Fuentes (Dead Rising 3)

Twisted Metal
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One of the coolest things about Dead Rising 3 is that its major villains are based around the seven deadly sins.

This makes for some majorly interesting enemies, like the embodiment of greed - a doctor who has been using the zombie apocalypse to harvest organs to sell - or envy, who's a man you initially rescue from zombies, who becomes overwhelmed by his desire to be like the game's protagonist.

They're all pretty out there characters, but one of them goes that little bit further than the others: That of the game's embodiment of lust, Dylan Fuentes.

Dylan is found in an adult store in full leather regalia, and wielding a flamethrower which has had two circular canisters attached. He wields this exactly like you think the man representing lust would, complete with his death-cries featuring oil spurting out of the device. He also speaks entirely in sexual references and slang, if that wasn't already very, very obvious.

Oh, and you can temporarily stun him by doing a pole dance. Dead Rising really did think of everything when it came to this one.

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