10 Most Under-Appreciated RPGs Ever

Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Final Fantasy and... all of these.

Lost Odyssey

As one of the most beloved and all-round recommendable genres in gaming history, the old-school RPG provided a foundation that almost every triple-A title now conforms to.

Stat-grinds, huge amounts of customised loot, levelling systems, equipment loadouts - twinned with open-world elements and scattered mission design, RPGs are a core pillar of the industry today.

With so much proliferation of their most identifiable aspects, it's hard drilling down to what an isolated RPG even is anymore, but mention those three letters and the words "best ever?", and you'll quickly come across the Elder Scrolls series, The Witcher trilogy or a good 10 or so Final Fantasies.

And for as much as we adore role-playing and expansive, detailed world-building, some of the all-round best versions of these combined traits are housed in titles the majority of gamers haven't heard of.

Nothing against those aforementioned titans of course, but if you're looking for genuinely the most rewarding experiences known to humankind, you have to delve that little bit more below the surface.

Any other RPG recommendations it feels like only you played, please shout them out in the comments below.

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Lost Odyssey
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