10 Most Unique Attacks In Video Games

Sometimes, the best attack... is to stab yourself.

marvel vs capcom 3 deadpool

There are some attacks in video games that are so distinctive, devastating, or awe-inspiring, they've become just as iconic as the character who performs them.

When you hear the word "fireball", it's impossible not to think of Super Mario. The words "Get over here!" are synonymous with Scorpion's spear attack. Even though Sonic the Hedgehog is known for his speed, it's his spin dash that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Even though all these moves are awesome, there have been many variations of them since. Ryu's Hadouken was cool when Street Fighter came out, but pretty much every beat 'em up has their own version of this projectile nowadays.

But there are certain attacks that so weird, we have never seen anything like them before or since. The characters on this list don't use guns, bombs, or their fists. Instead, they attack with a ballerina twirl, their own health bar, or by... just... not attacking.

Some of these special moves are lethal, while others are utterly pointless. But each and every one of these attacks are definitely unique.

10. Drill Bucket - Dead Rising 2

marvel vs capcom 3 deadpool

The Dead Rising series is populated with classic zombies, meaning the best way to kill these flesh-eaters (again) is by destroying the brain.

In the first Dead Rising, the player was given a variety of weapons to eliminate these mindless meatbags. But in the sequel, you were offered even zanier tools to kill zombies including knife gloves, pitchfork guns, and bull skulls.

But there is one means of attack that's so creative and effective, it's surprising it took this long to appear in any zombie-based medium - the drill bucket.

This doohickey is pretty much what it sounds like. By taping power drills to a bucket, you can place it on a zombie's melon, drilling the shambling corpse to death in seconds.

Of course, the ad-hoc gizmo has its drawbacks. Because you can only hold one bucket at a time, it should only be used in singular encounters. You also need to pick it up upon each use if you intend to drill more zombie craniums in the future. Nevertheless, there are few things in Dead Rising 2 more entertaining than watching the drill bucket work its bloody magic.


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