10 Most Unique Multiplayer Games Of All Time

Much more than mere shooters.

Journey PS3

As great as multiplayer gaming can be, there are times when it gets old pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, thanks to the global dominance of consciously formulaic multiplayer games like FIFA, Call Of Duty and WWE 2K16, which purposefully avoid messing with the brand too much, other games tend to try and copy what works. 

Clearly, there is some success to be had on that front - particularly for sports, racing and shooting games, but it leaves you wanting more.

That culture is also why a truly unique multiplayer game is such a pleasure. Whether they have you working with other players or against them, multiplayer games that provide original gaming experiences should always be praised even if things don’t quite work out. At least the effort for ingenuity was there.

Luckily, the gambles do pay off sometimes, and these original multiplayer games most certainly did work out...

10. Prop Hunt

Journey PS3

The custom creation game Gary’s Mod has led to a number of incredible multiplayer titles over the years (Trouble In Terrorist Town is certainly worth playing if you never have before) but the most unique may just be Prop Hunt.

Prop Hunt splits players into two teams: A group of hunters and a group of spirits who must hide from the hunters by possessing random objects in the level. If the hunters can destroy the correct objects that are currently being possessed, they win.  However, if they damage the wrong objects – which is quite easy to do considering how packed each level is – they take damage. Meanwhile, the spirits can only win if the timer ends without them being detected.

What’s so incredible about this game is that it is both incredibly competitive and downright hilarious. By taking the advantage away from the player who has the gun and giving it to the player who can take the form of a banana, Prop Hunt completely upsets the dynamic of the traditional deathmatch game. 

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