10 Most Value For Money PS5 Games

The most bang for your (higher than ever) buck.

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The PlayStation has always been at the forefront when it comes to pushing hardware to the max. So, when we officially entered the ninth generation of gaming, we expected big things from the Playstation 5.

And because of the company's track record, it was no surprise Sony's latest system knocked it out of the park. The PS5 was met with universal praise, selling over 30 million units (nearly quadruple what the Xbox Series X/S sold). The console was lauded for its graphics, backward compatibility, the DualSense controller, and its VR capabilities.

However, what really matters is the games. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Deathloop and many others showed what the PS5 was truly capable of.

But we're not just looking at the best games the console has to offer. Instead, we're delving into the titles that give you an experience you can't get anywhere else. We're breaking down the games you paid top-dollar for, but feel like a bargain.

Although some RPGs, roguelikes, platformers, and open-world titles on this list are available on other systems, these PS5 ports are without equal.

10. Gran Turismo 7

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Because Gran Turismo was once a top-tier franchise, fans were deeply disappointed by GT6's minimal content and surprisingly unimpressive graphics. When the equally underwhelming GT Sport was released, it seemed the series' best days were behind it.

Fortunately, Gran Turismo 7 put everything back on track, figuratively and literally. Thanks to the plethora of modes and cars to unlock, you won't be completing GT7 for a long, long, long time.

The photorealistic visuals are gobsmacking, to the point where they can easily be mistaken for real-life footage. Although most PS5 titles are renowned for their short load times, GT7's loading is practically unnoticeable.

And that's not even mentioning the controls. The DualSense simulates pressure-release, gear changes, and bumps on the road with jaw-dropping legitimacy. The way the weather conditions affect your vehicle's traction feels so real, you'd think you were genuinely driving. If you want to up the realism, you can zoom around courses with the PS5's VR headset, which was added in a free update.

Gran Turismo 7 didn't just prove what next-gen consoles are capable of - it single-handledly reinvigorated the beloved racing franchise.

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