10 Movies That Directly Influenced Gaming

Without Alien there's no Metroid.


The movie-game spin-off seems to be a dying breed.

One of the main reasons is because the vast majority tend to be awful, and the few that aren't break the trend by letting developers take their time, rather than rush to produce a tie-in for the film's release.

For example, Batman Begins is an underrated game, full of brilliant ideas that couldn’t be fully utilized in time for the market window. So rather than make a game to the movie's sequel The Dark Knight, Rocksteady took a completely different approach, building an adventure in their own universe which would end up becoming Arkham Asylum.

Other franchises like Mad Max, Spider-Man, and The Avengers eventually followed suit.

Even though we may no longer see obvious tie-ins, films have been influential on the gaming world since the very beginning, and it is a trend that still exists today.

Official or unofficial, obvious tributes or stolen ideas, these are the films that helped mould gaming into an entertainment powerhouse even more profitable than the Hollywood productions that preceded it.


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