10 Needlessly Hard Early Video Game Bosses

Prepare to get beaten before you're out the tutorial.

dark souls 3

Boss battles in video games are a beautiful thing. They can break up the standard gameplay and usually in doing so offer something different. The best boss fights give us wonderful stories of epic encounters to tell our friends, and memories to cherish.

Some however, make it very hard to achieve those tales of derring-do and when you finally put them to rest you come away thinking "well that was something I never want to have to do again".

The further into a video game you go, the harder things should get but we've all had those experiences of unexpected difficulty spikes. It can be daunting when a video game throws something truly challenging at us early on, but it does happen, and those boss fights can stick with us for all the right or wrong reasons - sometimes both.

Whether you turned tail and ran or stuck it out, the boss battles on this list were early game surprises that made us sweat and probably say at least a few four letter words.

10. Berserker - Gears Of War

dark souls 3
Xbox Game Studios

At its core, Gears of War is a series about buff men with big friggin’ guns blasting their way to victory through the unfortunate bodies of disgusting monsters. Pull the trigger and have some fun.

The thing with the Berserker is it totally throws players off and totally changes the momentum of the game. Rather than being all about firing as much ammo as possible into anything non-human that moves, the Berserker needs to be taken down by leading it out into the open. Time to use your brains Marcus Fenix, and rest that brawn for just for a few moments.

It’s not just about avoiding the Berserker, it’s about drawing it towards the door and moving at just the right moment so that it pops it off the hinges. Repeat this a few times and you can drag the aggravated beast out into the open air where you can take it down in spectacular fashion with the laser-guided Hammer of Dawn.

To some extent the battle is all about knowing your surroundings as getting caught in a corner or stuck on a pillar can cause your very squished downfall quickly. With no way to brute force the battle, you’ve got only the dodge button and your wits to see you through.

Hope you limbered up…

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