10 New Details We Just Learned About AEW Fight Forever

It's a lot like the WWE 2K series - but not exactly...

AEW Fight Forever trophies leaked
AEW/THQ Nordic

Contrary to the current stream of annual WWE video game titles, AEW's first foray into a console game - the fittingly-named Fight Forever - has the potential to be a genuine needle-mover.

WWE and 2K tend to refrain from outright annual revolution. Instead, rosters and stats are updated, one or two fan-demanded features are inserted, and any bugs from the prior year's release are fleshed out. Take the recent WWE 2K23 for instance; it's very much the same game as WWE 2K22, only with a slightly different roster, the incorporation of the treasured WarGames match, and a couple of new mechanical changes, such as the timed pinning system. The old pinning system, however, is still optional, so as much as it's a new release, it's not. Truthfully, 2K hasn't issued a BRAND-NEW game since WWE 2K15, the first venture onto eighth-generation consoles.

All Elite Wrestling has already pledged to alleviate 2K's blunders with Fight Forever.

Gameplay footage has been sporadic, but very telling of what Yuke's has been cooking. It's a pro wrestling game, not a digitised sports entertainment simulation. The confirmation of playable Lights Out and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatches paint this picture in its brightest light - as do the game's leaked achievements/trophies...

10. Road To Elite

AEW Fight Forever trophies leaked
THQ Nordic

Verification that AEW Fight Forever's career mode will be titled Road To Elite isn't a huge discovery. Of course it's called Road To Elite; not only does AEW literally spell out All Elite Wrestling, but this is the odyssey travelled by each AEW roster member. To win a title in the promotion is to become elite. To be credited as a company face is to become elite. To be signed to the promotion is to become elite.

Details of the mode have been sparse, although mode-specific achievements highlight a smattering of details. There are available achievements for completing the mode once (On The Road To Elite), completing it ten times (Livin' The Wrestler's Life), performing a series of "intense trainings" during a single playthrough (Train To The Max), and achieving an A+ grade (Hall-Of-Famer). How, exactly, a player achieves such a grade is unconfirmed, although this may take into account the now-confirmed star-rating system.

More on that in a bit.


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