10 Nintendo Franchises Wii U Needs To Succeed

While much of the systems 2012 games have been announced, 2013 and 2014 games are for the most part a complete mystery.

1. Zelda

Rumours have been flying around about this one recently. While much of the rumoured leaks are things that could be easily predicted like a forest temple, the latest batch of Zelda Wii U rumours specifically suggest a Skyward Sword inspired art style, that the game will come in 2014, that they are planning to finish the game in a four year development style that started in 2010, that the game will rival Rockstar's GTA series in scope and budget and that it will be making innovative use of the Gamepad. For many the most eagerly anticipated series to see go HD, Link's first adventure in HD needs to come in the systems opening years and needs to take the series to the next level.
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