10 Nintendo Gaming Innovations That Changed Everything

9. Game Save Files

Not having save files for games now is inconceivable. Roaming open-world games could not function if you had to start from the beginning each time you turned on the console - something Nintendo realised when they developed The Legend of Zelda on the NES.

An epic action-adventure game, 1987's TLoZ had a vast map and story that was not intended to be completed in one sitting. So, Nintendo shipped the game with a save feature, made possible by a battery inside the game cartridge. It was not long before save files became another industry standard first brought to market by Nintendo. Up until the release of TLoZ, many NES games allowed players to track their progress by forcing them to type in long, elaborate passwords - whereas other titles didn't let you save at all. Can you imagine doing that with Fallout 4?

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